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A Guide to Editing the Engraving/Printing Locations With Completeful

A Guide to Editing the Engraving/Printing Locations With Completeful


When designing for engraved, etched, and printed products we give you the option to decide exactly where and what size you'd like your design to be engraved. This allows you to place your image in many different locations and sizes using our given to you aspect ratios and pixel sizes located in our app.


Aspect Ratios and Position Options

When creating designs, some of our products offer different optional aspect ratios that can expand the engraving space and make your product even more unique. It is EXTREMELY important when you are designing to use the pixel sizes we provide to ensure your design comes out flawless. All of these pixels sizes/aspect ratios can be found in our app. After selecting a product you want to create, on the right-hand side this info can be found.

In the picture below, it shows where to find the exact design pixel sizes for the specific product you have selected, also showing you if there is a different pixel size/aspect ratio option. The GREEN arrow shows you where to find the pixel size(s) needed to create a design. The RED and BLUE arrows demonstrate the different placement options you have and what pixel size goes to each.


In the images below, it demonstrates using the different positions and pixel sizes/aspect ratios that we provide to expand your engraving space without any image distortion. Some products offer a center and full position. Full is going to offer a full product engraving space and will require a certain pixel size/aspect ratio. Pixel size for a center design is the same for width and height resulting in a 1 to 1 ratio design. 


Designing for Different Locations

Changing the location of your design is as simple as following our pixel size and moving the location of your design in your PNG file.


Changing the Engraved Art Size

Changing the size of engraved art is as simple as scaling the art image size inside of the fixed pixel PNG file.



Designing for Round Products

We allow for the full round space on certain products to be engravable. When designing adding a circle behind your art (just as a temporary reference) you are able to see if your art will hang off of your product. Be sure to remember to delete the circle after you have sized your art and export as a transparent PNG. The picture below demonstrates using a temporary circle to check your art boundaries.