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A Guide to Create Engraved Products with Completeful

A Guide to Create Engraved Products with Completeful

What products are engraved?

Products such as our tumblers, flask, and cutting boards are engraved.


The Engraving Process

Engraving is completely different from printing. Our engravable products are either etched, cut, or burned into the product that you are selling, making the design you chose come out looking unique and flawless for your customer.


Design Guide

Designing for the engraving process is significantly different from designing let's say a t-shirt or photo print. When designing for engraving your mind must shift from multi colors to thinking about negative and positive space. Clear space of your design is left alone while any color will be engraved.

1.) Transparency is KEY: When designing you must create an image using transparency in it. Uploading a PNG file with a solid background will result in a plain engraved image. This is because the engraving process engraves where the pixels are located. Here is an example using a tumbler below.

2.) Using one Solid color for designing. When designing the image you want to be engraved it is very helpful to use one solid color. Doing this better helps you visualize what the final product will look like.

3.) MUST Upload High-Resolution Graphics. We HIGHLY stress uploading good quality graphics, we generally recommend 1000+ pixels wide. When engraving the quality of your image matters because the engraving process will pick up pixelated lines and your design will come out jagged if low quality. Images must be a transparent PNG format.