What is Drop Shipping?

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business model that allows an entrepreneur to create an online business and sell products without having to keep inventory, and without paying for products before hand. This allows the business owner to start selling at little to no cost, work from just a laptop anywhere in the world, and skyrocket an existing business by expanding your products.

What are the benefits?

There is no shortage of benefits for an entrepreneur looking to drop ship.

  • Extremely fast set up time. Setting up a drop shipping store using our unique products is as easy as creating a shopify store and installing our app.
  • Reducing your investment. Our app is completely free, you only pay once your customer has put money in your hands.
  • Control. You are totally in control on your margins, charge what you think is right for your customers.
  • Unique product offering. Well this one is only true using us, we offer super unique products that you can't drop ship from anywhere else, giving you unlimited opportunity!

What does the drop shipping model look like?