A Guide to Creating and Allowing Customer Personalization with Completeful

A Guide to Creating and Allowing Customer Personalization with Completeful


Offering personalized products is a game changer in the e-commerce business. Personalization is when you allow your customers to be able to add their own text to a product you are selling. All of the products we offer can be turned into a personalized product following this guide. 

Selling personalized products has endless benefits for your business. 

  • -Product is unique to every customer because they had a part in the design process.
  • -Easier for you to sell due to the uniqueness.
  • -Ad targeting can be very specific.


Sellers Notes Set up

To allow personalized text to push through to us for the fulfillment, you are going to use the "sellers notes" section in your Shopify store. This is as simple as editing your product description letting the customer know where and what they can and can't write in the seller's notes section. We also highly recommend creating a page in your store walking the customer step by step where your sellers note section is and how to use it and then direct linking them to that page in the description of the personalized product you are offering. Below we will go over how to create personalized products with our app, what fonts we offer, and placement. If you do not know how to enable sellers notes, read this Shopify article on how to do so.


How to Create Personalized Products in the Completeful App

A couple of things to keep in mind when creating personalized products in our app are:

  • 1. What fonts we offer
  • 2. Creating a correct "TEXT" text box mockup
  • 3. Creating different placements locations
  • 4. The character number you want to offer (ex. customers initials, full name, full sentences)

1. Fonts we Offer

When creating a mock-up for personalization you MUST 1. Only offer the fonts we offer. 2. Create a mockup image using the font we offer so the customer knows what it will look like. You can offer all the fonts we do as either a product variant OR have your customer enter the font they'd like (only offer fonts we offer) in the seller's notes along with the personalized text they want. You can also download the font example image below to show your customer a visual font example. Here is a list of the fonts we offer:

  • - Luga

    2. Creating the Text Box Mock-up in our App

    When creating a personalized product you MUST upload a PNG image with text saying "TEXT" this is EXTREMELY important for fulfillment. This allows your customer to see exactly where their text is going, what it looks like, and that its TEXT and not an IMAGE. This also shows us that your item is personalized and NOT an image. These steps are extremely important for fulfillment. Also, NOTE the size of the "TEXT" image you upload will correlate to the size of the personalization. We currently do not offer images and personalization on the same product, only personalized text.



    3. Creating different placements locations

    To fully understand changing placement locations please CLICK HERE and read our full guide on how to edit and change image locations.

    4. Communicate with Your Customers

    The key to offering personalization is communicating to your customers exactly what you are offering to them. We give you the flexibility to offer whatever you'd like. If you want to offer a flask with initials only be sure to let your customer know and maybe even create your own mock-up with just initials and add it along with your original "TEXT" text box mock-up. See the image below for an example of what your description and mockup pictures could look like. To get the example of the initials and groomsman mock-up, we simply used our app to upload the initials and text then took a screenshot and added them to our store's product pictures. The more example pictures you add the more your customer will understand what you are offering. Here is a link to this product on a test store. https://nothingbutlux.com/products/personalized-leather-flask